With an experience of more than 2 decades, Macleods is an established name in Indian Pharmaceutical market. With its diversified product portfolio, Macleods has gained leadership in various therapeutic segments.

Today Macleods features amongst Top 10 companies in India and is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies.

Macleods currently makes a large portion of the active ingredients that make up its products and has manufacturing capacity of over 8.0 billion tablets and capsules.

The core manufacturing campus is being expanded to include Soft gels, Topicals, Metered Dose inhalation products and liquid injectables.

Leveraging the more than 600 products that it sells in the domestic market.

Strategic Architecture

Macleods today has several marketing divisions that stay focused on specific therapeutics segments. This focused approach provides the required impetus to the company through enhanced relationship with the medical specialties and also improves the market penetration. This strategic segmentation and undivided focused approach on niche areas is strongly reflected in the growing market share of Macleods in the domestic market.

As a result Macleods has built a strong brand value amidst medical fraternity. Macleods' product portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of therapeutic groups, ranging from Anti-TB, Asthma & COPD, Anti bacterial, NSAID, Anti-arthritic, Anti-osteoporotic, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Diabetology and CVS products. Macleods has shown remarkable success with new products, with many firsts in its name.

Macleods has converted several of them into market leaders.