Quality Policy

Our “QUALITY” philosophy is a synthesis of World Guidelines, Laws, Regulations and Best Human requirements, which enables us to cater to the best needs of our customers.

The “QUALITY” system at Macleods is so Designed, Documented, Implemented and Controlled which is furnished with Instrumentation, Manpower and Management desire so as to give a guarantee that the products manufactured by the company will be consistent in their intended use with respect to Quality, Purity, Safety, Efficacy and Stability.

This “QUALITY” is a mission being complemented by various departments like R&D, Materials, Production, Engineering, Stores, Medical, Marketing, EDP, Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

Our “QUALITY” is mandated and supported by executive management and though is coordinated by Quality Assurance, it is responsibility of everyone. It is monitored by a team responsible for Validation, GMP documentation, Self–audits, Training and Market complaints.

The ultimate “QUALITY” goal is achieved by - everyone adhering to Quality policy and Principles.