Worldwide Operations

International Business

Macleods has its presence in more than 80 countries. With established presence in South East Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, North America, EU & EEA, MENA, Latin America and CIS countries. (Macleods is now making its presence felt in the global pharmaceutical market.)

Macleods operates its International business through various business models like Private Markets, Tenders, Licensing, Contract manufacturing and Joint Ventures.

Macleods has successfully leveraged its production and Research & development competency for supplying affordable quality pharmaceuticals across the globe.

Macleods enjoys unique position in many private markets because of it’s “know- how” in marketing and highly professional sales and marketing team, who are the core power of our competitiveness and guarantee of our success.

Macleods is in the process of establishing an extensive marketing and distribution network in all the countries of presence and (company pays more attention to expand its product portfolio) via registration and launch of novel pharmaceutical products.

The Regulatory Affairs team with high level of proficiency plays a key role in earning registrations of Macleods products across the globe. In a record time Macleods today has over 1500 registrations across the globe.

Macleods has established its Representative office in the CIS countries, Africa, South East Asia and Latin America looking into the business potential and the necessity of being at the centre of action.